Rygene CTMP and TMP are suitable for a variety of applications, which typically include board and packaging, tissue, printing and writing paper. We tailor all pulp according to our customers’ requirements. Our high-quality pulp consistently produces  top-quality bulk and outstanding tear strength.

Raw-materials from local sawmills

Raw material from sawmill chips originates from fresh timber harvested from renewable forests. About 200,000 m3 spruce and pine chips are purchased from local sawmills that are all PEFC og FSC wood certified. The chips ensure fibres that have high levels of strength and brightness compared to round timber.

Our production

The chips are first washed, which removes sand and other unwanted particles. After preheating, the chips are fed into the refiners by a ribbon feeder screw, where the various grades are produced according to customers’ requirements. Post-treatment may also be specified, f.ex. bleaching. The pulp is first dried in a hot air stream and then packed in 200-kilo bales and 1.2-ton units.


Rygene has made considerable investments in replacing outdated machinery and installing modern equipment in order to maintain pulp quality. We are constantly seeking to improve our production methods, products and working conditions in order to remain at the developmental forefront and thereby satisfy both our customers and governmental regulations.

Tailormade products

Rygene’s current capacity is approximately 40,000 tons (varies according to grade – fine to coarse) produced in a three-shift system.


The pulp has a variety of end-uses: coated paper, newsprint, printing paper, various cardboard qualities and special packing materials.


All products are made to customers’ specific requirements, which necessitates our maintaining a high level of cooperation with our buyers.

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Our product mix

  • CSF from 100 – 600
  • Bleaching up to 70% ISO with Hy-Brite
  • Folding boxboard and printing and writing
  • Speciality products
    • Moulded products
    • Filters and filtration
    • Tissue and absorption applications
    • Isulation

Tailormade Rygene CTMP


  • 100% sawmill chips
  • Spruce and up to 20% pine



  • Different refining consistencies



  • Amount reject (shives reduction)
  • Reject treatment (strength and fibre-distribution)



  • Chemical charge (brightness up to 70% ISO)
  • Reduced odourindex
  • Same bulk


Quality control:

  • CSF, fibre-distribution, shives-content
Freeness 100 - 600 HB (brightness up to 70)Ask for typicals


  • pH
  • SR
  • CSF
  • Mc.Nett (fiber fraction)
  • Shives Sommerville
  • Tensile index
  • Burst index
  • Tear index
  • Bulk
  • Density
  • Brightness ISO
  • Opacity
  • Light scattering coeff.

Baling and wrapping


Each bale is wrapped with one sheet of bleached kraft paper and strapped with one steel wire.

While length and width are standard, but the height might vary by with a few cm.

Bale weight 200 kg.


6 bales pr. unit. Each unit is strapped with steel wire. All wires are treated to avoid corrosion.